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How did Brent Heal Himself of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms with Diet?

I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing individual who wanted to change his life through nutrition and exercise, but there was a twist… Brent has Multiple Sclerosis and a list of symptoms ranking him in the top 5% worst symptoms.

I shared this video with Brent, he followed the diet, lost over 80 pounds of excess body fat and has reduced his symptoms. Before he started working with me he did not have much sensation from the neck down and was told that his destiny was a vegetable. Brent now rides his bike weekly, eats a gluten free whole food diet, has gained sensation back in his body and is picking up weightlifting as a new hobby.

Changing the content of Brent’s diet is what changed his quality of life. Now Brent can work longer, work harder and live life with less symptoms. Brent will never go back to eating the way he use to, his life has changed too much for the better since he changed his diet.

I hope this encourages you to be mindful of your eating habits, results can be made even for someone who looks and feels healthy.

10 Month Transformation

2012 Dec 10th Before2013 10 12 After


The first picture was taken when I was in the middle of taking EMT night classes, 6-10pm three nights a week, volunteering at a hospital, training clients all over west los angeles and not getting much gym time. I had decided I wanted to apply to PA school or possibly Medical school, so I started taking my courses and volunteering, spending all of my focus stressing on school, deadlines, applications and no focus on my gym time. My gym time dwindled to twice a week at best after I completed my EMT classes because I decided to take the beast of science classes “Organic Chemistry” as a Medical School prerequisite. If you don’t know how much time one class can take and want a challenge, take this one. You spend 9 hours a week in the class/lab and another 15-20 hour outside of the classroom prepping for labs and lectures, then studying for lecture and lab test. On lecture and lab days you need to get to campus about a hour and a half early so that you can find a parking spot, then you study more before lab and lecture bringing the total time invested up to around 30-35 hours per week. It is an immersion of organic molecules, you feel like a mad scientist and it was an amazing experience, I got to synthesize beautiful crystals make a life long friend, understand how distillation works, the electromagnetic forces of nature and how they apply to….. everything!

At the end of the day I was so stressed and unhappy that I wasn’t following my dream that I was forced to put more effort into my own body and business of helping others. There was no other choice. My body, brain and soul was forced into submission, I was working so hard at a goal to help others one day in the future aka as a Physician or Physicians Assistant after 4-8 more years of professional school and 100k-250k in debt then if I was good enough to pass my boards I could eventually treat a patient.

I knew if I took even 10% of my effort and energy that I was putting toward organic chemistry, EMT certification, CPR certification, volunteering weekly etc that I could help people reach their goals and the fact of the matter is that I ALREADY AM HELPING PEOPLE!

The brain wants more and more but I wasn’t even realizing what I already have. I am working with an amazing group of unique, special and diverse individuals who already need me to come visit them and help them with their workouts, nutrition and physical therapy. Yes, being a physician is extremely rewarding. I am positive of that, I understand the level of commitment you must have in order to make it through that process.

It just made no sense to me that I needed to stress myself out in order to help people, I already have people who need me and I can only help them out if I am healthy and happy. So I stopped my schooling and started focusing on me. I started hitting the gym on a strict training program, eating enough to make my strength increase without gaining too much fat. 6 months later here we are, not as stressed, stronger, leaner and helping others be better because I am focused on my own personal goals. I am happier in my own life therefore I can better help others and motivate them from a genuine position and with more confidence.

The past 2 months I have had an amazing opportunity to get to train with two strong and dedicated training partners. I can say that this has helped me push myself into new territory getting my max benchpress up to 385lbs so far, Squat 500 lbs, and deadlift 515lbs and this is just the start. I have even had the opportunity to learn the traditional Olympic lifts from Josh “the coach” Sqyures, these lifts will carry over into more power and strength once I master the technique and then increase the weights we move.

I didn’t realize that I had made such improvements until last night I decided to take some goofy pictures in the bathroom to show off to my friends, I’m glad I did! I found these old pictures and put them side by side and I couldn’t believe how much improvement I had made. Hard work pays off, there are no short cuts. I am blessed enough to be able to do my passion as a living but in return I hope that these photos will help motivate, influence or in some way help you reach a goal.